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Welcome To My Team!

My Special Gift To You! 

When you join my Youngevity Team today you will have INSTANT access to the powerful business building tools on this page that will allow you to quickly explode your new Youngevity business and put you on the fast track to super success.

You simply download the following PDF files below and save them on your computer and print out copies and cut out the invitation cards to use to invite your new prospects to visit your special website to get the full Youngevity story ...

Then you simply help them to join your growing Youngevity Team ...

Massive super fast wealth creation couldn't get any easier for you and your family!

These special powerful business building tools I have created for you, will dramatically reduce your daily marketing and business building costs and allow you to quickly, effortlessly and more effectively grow your new Youngevity business everyday from the moment you join my team.

Click the link below to download your powerful RIPPLE tool and use it every day to build your new Youngevity business.

And do remember that every 4 people who join your new Youngevity team has the potential to put a massive $60,000 a month into your bank account for many generations to come.

Can you see how many people are making millions a month with this most amazing very unique global business system.

How many lots of 4 people do you know?

How many lots of 4 people do you pass by each day?

Can you really afford to keep walking past a massive fortune each day?

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Click below to download your powerful Asset Accumulation Tool and store it on your computer now so that you can print out copies everyday and use them to quickly and powerfully explain to your prospects exactly how powerful their new Youngevity business is for quickly accumulating valuable income earning assets (people) who will drive massive amounts of wealth into their bank accounts every single month for the rest of their life and beyond.

And they can secure their powerful Youngevity global asset accumulation system at the valuable CEO level for virtually nothing because the company will reward them with the Quick Start and Fast Start bonuses for many generations to come.

And this does not include the wonderful health benefits that they and their families will receive for the rest of their lives, not to mention the many thousands of peoples health they will improve in the process.

Now if they are foolish enough to walk away from Youngevity today, then they deserve the poor health and financial stress and limitations they will be forced to live with everyday for the rest of their lives ...

All we can do is share the powerful and wondrous Youngevity wealth accumulation story with them and help them to secure it for their family and then move on to help the next family and help them to more effectively secure their dreams. What they do with this powerful information is their choose because at the end of the day it is they who must want a better live for their families and more importantly they must be willing to do what ever is necessary to secure a better life for themselves.

The great thing is that everybody in the world needs the powerful health and wealth benefits of Youngevity, and that's a great global business advantage to have for your families growth and prosperity.

This is probably the most powerful business building tool every developed to help you build your new Youngevity business massively around the world -

You see the poor and the middle class do not understand the difference between an asset and a liability so they waste their entire lives paying off costly liabilities like cars, boats, TV's, the latest phones and electronic gadgets, designer cloths, top brand joggers, credit card debt and even the highly prized family home.

The great Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame teaches us that a great way to remember the difference between an asset and a liability is-

LIABILITIES take money out of your pocket each month!

and ...

ASSETS put money into your pocket each month!

The rich are wealthy because they devote their lives to acquiring valuable income earning assets, while the poor devote their lives to acquiring costly liabilities.


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