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Dear Visitor, please take note …


You agree to assume full responsible for your actions with regards to the use of this website and service. And agree not to take any legal action against the owners and creators of this web service. 
You also agree that you will seek professional advise from your own relevant health professionals and advisors. 
All income statements and claims and prices of goods and services must be confirmed with the Youngevity company. Please note the owners and creators have provided information for educational purposes, it is the users responsibility to consult with relevant specialists before you undertake any new program. 
You understand and agree that your results and future income can only be determined by your own daily performance results and commitment. You understand that with your new Youngevity business through your own efforts it is possible for you to make no money, a small amount of money or your dream income for you and your family. 
You agree that you will do what ever is in your power to do what ever is necessary to succeed with your Youngevity business and you agree to settle for nothing less. 
You understand in your heart mind and soul and every cell of your body that every tiny detail of your new Youngevity business is the most superior available ... Dr. Wallach's extensive experience and achievements in the medical field and his vast achievements with cutting-edge product development, the amazing 90 for life programs to end chronic disease, the explosive business model, the powerful lucrative compensation plan, the comprehensive business resources tools and training to help you to establish and explode your business success in the fastest possible way. 
You agree and understand that the powerful Youngevity business system is heavily weighted in your favor to ensure that your success is achievable if you fully commitment to your own success and eliminate all your excuses. 
You agree to abide by these terms of service, if you do not accept full responsibility for your actions and choices, you must vacate this web service immediately and stop you use of it immediately.

Again ...


This website and its tools and gifts are provided as an educational and information vehicle only and is not intended as professional financial advise.


The material contained are the copyrighted property of the respective owners. Other intellectual property belongs to their respective copyright owners.


Please note that your success with the ENCLOSED Programs, Tools, Ideas and Solutions - like every other program, Tools, Ideas, Solutions, Businesses or career in life, they too will depend on your daily efforts, commitments and beliefs.


The included earning INCOME statements are for demonstration purposes ONLY. You may well earn less, or you may earn much more than the examples shown on this website, because our desire, teachability and commitments are all different.


You MUST accept full accountability and responsibility for all your actions in respect of your use of the information and business opportunities expressed in this website. If you do not accept full accountability for your actions, please destroy all material obtained from this website, and please exit this website immediately.


The authors, creators and publishers do not claim to be financial experts. Please do make certain that you consult your own professional career, self-improvement, financial and investment advisors and professional health advisors before you undertake any business or financial commitments or strategies.


The authors, creators and publishers of this document and website shall have neither nor any responsibilities to any person or entity with respect to the use of any of the information and ideas contained in this website and its technologies.

The authors, creators and publishers make no warranties, guarantees, expressed or implied with your use of these materials. You recognize that any and all business endeavors require a certain degree of uncertainty and risk.

And as a responsible adult/person you acknowledge that you undertake thorough due diligence before you begin or use any solutions or concepts or business programs contained on this website.

Please do not use any material on this website unless you have consulted with your health professionals, relevant professional advisors, lawyers and accountants etc.

You the user, agrees to assume all the risk for any success, victories, injury, loss or damages caused or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly from your use of any of the information and ideas contained in this website and its associated tools and gifts.

Your use of this website constitutes or means that you agree with the terms of service of this website.

Again, if you do not assume full and absolute responsibilities for your own actions regarding your use of the information contained in this website and in its tools and gifts, then please EXIT this website immediately, and do not proceed to read or expose yourself to the contents it contains.

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation. And hope that you gain some benefit from the use of this web service.

Thank You For Your Kind Support ...

EzyRiches.Com Youngevity Team